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210 Carp Street, Bega, NSW 2550 
02 6492 1091

The Garden

The Garden

About Our Garden

For Café Evolve, the dream of the garden is about being involved in the fresh produce from seed to table. An abundance of herbs can be grown all year and seasonal fruits and vegetables can be made available to fresh dishes or cooked up into amazing jams, preserves, relish and marmalade. The chickens, as well as eggs, are great ‘tractors’, to help till and fertilize the soil and all the scraps and paper from Evolve are brought back to the garden, mulched, fed to the worm farm and then put back on the garden.

Here at the garden at Café Evolve, we grow parsley, lemons, oranges, thyme, lemon myrtle, bay, mulberries, plums, zucchini and more. 

Preview Our Garden

Keeping our garden healthy and beautiful is a priority for us here at Café Evolve. Browse our gallery for a sneak peek into our gorgeous garden, or stop by to see it for yourself! 
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